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The 2020 presidential elections are coming up, and Foundational Black Americans are going to reject the 50 year old benign neglect policy that has been implemented by the political system. This benign neglect policy mandates that Black Americans should be ignored and only mentioned in vague, and non-specific terms. 

Lumping Foundational Black Americans into groups with "minorities", "immigrants", "people of color", etc, has only hindered the progress of Black Americans as a group, while providing tangible benefits for other groups.

In this election cycle, Black Americans are going to INSIST that our needs are specifically met by politicians who are seeking our vote. Foundational Black Americans want TANGIBLE benefits specifically for us. We do not want trickle down, secondary benefits that are provided for "every group". 

Every group has not been systematically marginalized and disenfranchised in every area of society as Foundational Black Americans. So we refuse to be lumped in with groups who often assist in the exploitation and disenfranchisement of Black Americans.

So politicians must offer TANGIBLES specifically to Foundational Black Americans, or we simply will not vote for them. Be sure to spread this message far and wide on social media using the hashtag #tangibles2020 .

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